Lace factory — big order flying on the InternetActress Alba’s mother and baby electricity supplier

, The, Company, Lightspeed, Venture, Partners and General Catalyst Partners Honest also participated in the company’s current round of financing. As of now, The Honest Company has raised $52 million in funding.


electricity supplier maternal chances? This week Zulily will be listed by the Hollywood actress Jessica · Alba Jessica Alba founded the Honest startup The Company also received a $25 million venture capital investment. The current round of investment by Vc firm Institutional Venture Partners led by other investors, including Iconiq, Capital and so on. The Honest Company is a fully natural, non-toxic home cleaning and baby products company.

as a member of the e-commerce innovation company, The Honest Company allows users to register regularly to buy bundled products on a monthly basis. In addition, the company also sells goods through an alliance with the store’s retailers. The Honest Company said that the company will put the funds raised into the accelerated growth initiatives, including expansion of international business outside the U.S. market. The Honest Company pointed out that the company’s recent entry into the Canadian market can play a positive role in the growth of the company’s performance.

The Honest Company also said that the company will use new funds raised to finance new product development, additional products to users. In addition, the company plans to improve distribution capabilities and increase brand access by adding more retailers partners.

. Co founder of The Honest Company is Alba and co-founder of American social shopping website Shoedazzle · Blaine Brian Lee.

Since its inception in January last year, The Honest Company has maintained a two digit percentage growth, but so far, the company has not been profitable

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Existing investors

Qingdao × × lace factory is a production of lace for the main products of the enterprise, the second half of 2001, in order to open up the market, business leaders began to consider using the Internet to do publicity, hoping to attract some customers. Of course, the idea is that × and ×, Internet Co’s sales staff, call him all day long and instill knowledge into the internet.

is a few thousand dollars development costs, the network company to develop a website design more beautiful then level, the vast majority of enterprise products and due diligence to make lace factory network marketing, network marketing is said to be time to do some "search engine, then filling" most of the website also provides the search engine service fees are not, so by manual and software to fill many search engines.

website done for nearly two months, is not what happened, lace factory leaders feel cheated, spent thousands of ocean should be heard. And like a clay ox entering the sea,… Coincidence opportunity, good luck, one day the site management staff also open the mailbox, even received a letter of inquiry related products, letters, letters are given contact telephone number and contact, please give a call letter from the lace factory, who promptly transmit the information to the leadership of the factory, factory leader in the first time picked up the phone…….

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