YouDay code optimization will be done in the near futureHow can the garbage flow benefit be maximize

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Please enlighten me :4632055

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I am an ordinary webmaster, because there is no technical foundation, so I can only through my own efforts, online promotion of their website. After learning all kinds of prawns in the technology, I now IP every day has reached more than twenty thousand, this is also a hard work pays off.

youday Department of Commerce

but there is traffic, I was anxious, but because there is no income flow, now daily income of less than two hundred. So, borrow stationmaster net treasure place again ask everybody master: how can ability raise "rubbish flow" gain?.

recently, youDay will make some improvements to the platform, and we welcome you to provide some good comments in time. Thank you!

after months of development, youDay has become one of the biggest ringtones alliance, thank you for the support and trust of the owners of youDay here, youDay in the near future will be a lot of improved code, add a number of new code, beautify the improved some old code welcome you to update your code.

attached here is the flow chart for two days