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at the beginning of April to the north, the weather is getting warmer, someone quipped with black leather shirt became almost this season IT man unified tooling. The reason is contrary to expectation, the Internet industry is legendary for such men also dressed to interview fatigued with the journey to Sina technology.

798 is a gathering of young artists in Beijing, with black leather shirt dress walking in the crowd will appear some misfits, but to go back to Li Yinan and his experience to do now, is not difficult to understand why he would interview here, because he is a man of personal independence of conduct.

he was considered to be the darling of the era

mentioned Li Yinan, many young people will feel a little strange. But when it comes to his experience, most people don’t forget the name. The juvenile class entered Huazhong University of Science and Technology at the age of 15 to become the "child prodigy", later got a master’s degree, 27 years old to sit on the vice president, HUAWEI Central Research Department Chief Engineer / CEO, just outside speculation over who will become the logical successor to Ren Zhengfei when the president of HUAWEI. In 2008, 38 year old Li Yinan left HUAWEI to join Baidu, Baidu has become the most young CTO, and led the development of the next generation of Baidu search engine.

since 2008, BAT grew into the world of the Internet giant, Jingdong, the United States successfully listed in the United States, millet turned out to be together with HUAWEI drive mobile phone operators, but this should be involved in these six years, Li Yinan has gradually fade out of public view.

When most people think of

, Li Yinan will be in the Baidu try, but Li Yinan make all people be startled at.

is a Baidu encyclopedia titled "Li Yinan’s advice to leave the HUAWEI" when reading a total of 6625 people, of which the first is the frequent instability is not the best".

for the next 7 years, however, Li Yinan has been in turmoil. In 2010, Li Yinan announced he was leaving Baidu as 12580CEO, a year later he was again in the micro-blog announced his resignation, and joined the Jinsha River venture capital as a partner, to areas such as wireless communications and Internet investment…….

looking back on 7 years of ups and downs, Li Yinan under the sun a little shy smile, seemed a little embarrassed, but soon recovered slightly sharp eyes, looks a bit of anger from the prestige, "how do you say, you look at you toss back and forth, many still some doubts".

although this experience in the majority of people seem to be a shadow of Li Yinan’s professional aura, but in the eyes of Li Yinan, the past few years, a lot more smoothly and solid than before". Li Yinan believes that his first venture is the most difficult time in life.

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