How does the local WeChat public number operate powder suction How to make a profit

saw my sister speaking in space two days ago and sighed that business was not good. She sells shoes, in a small county in our home. Shoes sold well, that brand is a chain brand, quality is still possible.

, however, still can not stop the impact of the Internet on the physical store, especially in the past two years, the development of mobile internet. So that the development of the entity shop even more difficult.

and last night, some netizens said, "let me tell you something about the operation of the local public number.". Actually, I’ve already told you about this in paid subscriptions. Most people are probably just looking at it, and not many people are actually going through it.

, I’m going to share with you how the local public number operates to attract fans and local public numbers. First of all, you can think about how much manpower you plan to invest in the local public number,


is a person to operate the local WeChat public number, so only from the content of powder, at the same time to some local Post Bar, QQ group, and WeChat, QQ people in the vicinity of nearby people and other ways to attract and promote the.

let’s get this situation out of the way. If you’re a small studio with three or four people running, then what are the more effective ways of doing that,


1. local public number suction strategy

supermarket collaboration,

I used to buy something from a supermarket in my old home. When I was shopping for a public number, I was able to take the lottery when it was full. The premise, of course, is to scan their two-dimensional code. And they advertise free raffle.

you don’t know. Those in your hometown are especially interested in free raffle. Especially when they heard 28 yuan free draw a full 50 yuan free lottery two times, a lot of people don’t need to buy 50 yuan things, the blank is enough to buy a 50 yuan things, is to gather enough to draw two times.

and those who do two-dimensional lottery draws are very smart, they say, guarantee one hundred percent wins. The fact is indeed the one hundred percent winning, basic is the pen. The cost is about 1 dollars. The supermarket is happy, too. They’re happy, too. It’s the best of both worlds,


needs to be aware that this approach requires a certain amount of money upfront. In fact, if the cost by 1 yuan a fan, then this kind of cost is not high. If you can reach 5000 fans in the early stage, the basic number of the public will be able to operate slowly. With high quality content, you can slowly attract fans.

high school and university organizational activities

there are some universities or high schools in every city. If you don’t have a college, you can grab high school students. Now, high school students basically have fans too. Like.