Website function and website marketing effect

today I want what to write, read a lot of enterprise website article, from the perspective of application, feeling more perfect site is not much, even some well-known international companies and consulting firms including Admin5 is not perfect, there are different degree search information is not convenient, contact information is not complete, some websites although "looks beautiful", the content is also very rich, and not really can meet the needs of users of information, are not able to maximize the network marketing function. From the point of view of network marketing, such websites are not successful.

what causes most of the site’s flaws? Fundamentally, there is a lack of a comprehensive understanding of the functionality of the site. First, Admin5, Admin5, I do not understand each plate, I think the most comprehensive information is the most comprehensive, of course, the most active forum, ha ha.


website is a comprehensive marketing tool, is to carry out network marketing, website construction level is directly related to the effect of network marketing, website function from the web whether can show whether the site is an important symbol of specialization.

The most important function of

website is product display. The main purpose of customers to visit a web site is for the company’s products and services and in-depth understanding of the enterprise value of your site is flexible to the user to display product descriptions and pictures and even the multimedia information, even a simple function of the web site at least equivalent to a can update product promotional materials. Outdated product information or product information is not perfect, not only can not promote sales, but also affect customer confidence.

information publishing is another feature that is indispensable. Product display is a form of information release, but the meaning of information release more widely, the website is an information carrier, to the extent permitted by law, you can release all in favor of corporate image, customer service and promote the sales of the enterprise news, product information, promotional information, bidding information, cooperation even information, recruitment information and so on. So having a website is equivalent to having a powerful publicity tool. But not every website realizes this, did not give full play to the information releasing function of the website, it is the waste of sale resource apparently.

customer relationship and customer service function. Through the website can provide a variety of online services and help information for customers, such as FAQ (FAQ), detailed contact information, fill in online for help form, through the chat and so on in real time to answer customer consultation. At the same time, the use of the website can also achieve the purpose of enhancing customer relations, such as through the issuance of various free mailing lists, providing prizes, quizzes and other ways to attract users to participate.

The function of

online survey. Through the online questionnaire on the website, you can obtain user feedback information, for product surveys, consumer behavior surveys, brand image survey, etc., is to obtain first-hand data on the market effective investigation tool.

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