Web site included instability, alternative solution is the key

the Internet is no longer a passive Internet, and the Internet is becoming more and more active. If your site does not respect search engines, and do not respect Internet users, then it certainly will not get a good ranking. And now a lot of websites also appeared to include unstable phenomenon, the root cause that appears this kind of phenomenon is website do station way incorrect.

In the face of

website is not stable, stable included website has become inevitable, but the general method is to use Baidu webmaster to submit the two methods included complaints and Baidu snapshot, but these two kinds of methods on the website now included has not work, the webmaster must search for new methods to improve the quality of collection the site, following the detailed talk.

minor changes to the site page is one of the ways to include


included not stable, from the site of operation in light of the recent stable pattern of this site and the site, many webmaster think unchanged is correct mode of operation, but it is undeniable that the sites remain unchanged for a long time have included loss of the site, because the search engine does not love a long time without innovation and update the site as a site to get more fast included, so on the website of the page is one of the good ways included a slight change, from the section of the site navigation and in small changes as a webmaster, also can from the site of the title, keywords, description and so on to make some changes in the our website in search engine appears to be an ongoing, change website, is the only way to get the web search engine More recognition.

‘s full reconstruction of the site’s link page is to promote the inclusion method

web page is not included and may be the site of the data delay caused by the delays in the website data search engine can not capture the latest data, so as to obstruct the website included, so here the author suggests either a personal website or blog site types, we can in 3 days on site data reconstruction, update the database, make the search engine to get the latest information website, so as to promote the site included.

tends to be user base, creating different content for search engines,

why the user enters your website, why can you get a web page search engine, from basic data and user needs to see this website and search engine innovation relationship, users need to access the content they need, and the search engine needs to provide more innovative website knowledge to meet the needs of users, so that there is the website must meet the demand of users and the search engine, if only to meet a little perhaps the search engine will also be included, but the collection process may be a bit slow, but if we can both meet you would be able to quickly search engine website content, so as to lay the foundation for the development of the website.

site not included