Personal website out of the siege of four suggestions, successful breakthrough siege siege Mace

many owners are talking about personal website to get too hard to break the siege, the domestic personal site some personal site content meet the eye everywhere, bigger than the content of the website is more abundant, CSS style is also very nice, but few can really break the siege to go out of the individual owners, real money sites rarely, why?

personal website compared with large website, you will find a lot of bottleneck problems, leading to the site unable to break the siege, here to talk about my experience in some circles for many years, summed up, the hope can help to break the siege and part of the webmaster.

one. Goals are far-reaching, but they have to be careful,

has been spread in China there is a saying: when the generals do not want the soldiers is not a qualified soldier, did not want to do how far-reaching goal will let you emerge opportunity? But many webmaster target too grand, have very big dreams and goals, but no action, because their goal is insufficient, so this time we have to find the target in detail, step by step, after locating a target, we must formulate the plan, plan down to the site every day, what should be done every day, we must adhere to do so. To condense a real competition, when you are to be able to get out of the besieged city competitive opportunity, if competitiveness is not enough, a good opportunity in front of you, you still cannot break the siege And eventually it hurts.

two. Website content has value, stationmaster quality wants exorbitant

I saw a lot of

acquisition software now, acquisition software development is not representative of the advancement of the Internet, but a stimulus to the personal site, many sites are on the site collected, occasionally there are a few articles of the original article, but deep into the reading, personal judgment and so strong. This time to break the siege to the webmaster have high quality and high capacity, the resource collection, collation, summary, and ultimately the formation of valuable information to the user, but when editing is best not to do self views, we cannot comment to mislead users, want to break the siege on we must strengthen the webmaster to enhance the quality of learning, experience you will do.

three. Improve site content, but not full coverage of

many owners in order to enrich the form of website content, after the purchase of a collection of software, even the other site column comments are collected, the consequences of doing so is exactly the same as the birth of the site in the search engine, search engine in the face of this situation only choose to shield a website, it is definitely the latter, so personal the stationmaster must form the content of the website is not perfect, but ask you to, you can do what point do which point, not to optimize the optimization, in order to satisfy the user desires and acquisition, the consequences is that you do not.