What does it mean to improve the user experience in website construction

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with the increasing number of search engine and user search (search keywords repeat repeat content) frequency increasing, the search engine operator to constantly optimize the product function to meet the needs of the user initiative, launched Search Wiki in Google to help the user self-service management of search results, in order to reduce the search results of the time. I recently launched a www.55.la station search function, trying to reduce the amount of time that users have lost in massive picture searches……

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nature of many sites are not the same, but as long as have the consciousness to improve the user experience of the site will work from the user perspective, the introduction of the basic function, in order to allow users to form a kind of subjective feeling good.

one, about user experience,

user experience (User Experience, referred to as UX or UE) is a purely subjective, psychological process that builds up when users use a product (service). Because it is purely subjective, there are certain uncertainties.

user experience can be divided into positive user experience and negative user experience, and accordingly, they will produce different results:

positive user experience: it can improve the website viscosity, produce purchase intention, improve customer satisfaction, have a good reputation; accordingly promote the credibility of the brand promotion, increase profits and enhance the brand reputation; accordingly promote the user of the station’s loyalty and trust.

negative user experience: it is not conducive to improve website viscosity, generate purchase intention, improve customer satisfaction, and produce good reputation.

two, how to improve the user experience

, in short, is to make users feel that the site useful, easy to use, friendly, visually attractive, brand recognition. Specific to practical use, you can refer to the following points:

1, website content construction.

your website content is good enough, enough or not enough to attract people, the original content is not much, whether it can meet the needs of users, etc., are the construction of the site must be considered. Users are concerned about the gameplay of Zippo, and you repeatedly introduce the category of Zippo, which makes no sense to the user.

2, access is convenient,


many enterprise website homepage in love beautiful Flash, but for a long time did not see in the page where the link? And some even have to wait until a Flash is finished playing in order to enter the page for


maybe you think home to do a Flash should, to showcase the company’s image, but you have not considered the other? Not to mention the impact of Flash on the search engine, in terms of those potential customers, they will be attracted to the company’s Flash? Wasting time.