Happy web site that I have to pay attention to SNS website

new up a few SNS sites, I have been most annoying is happy nets. Early happy crazy invitation, forcing me to think the only registered, registered would be released from happy net entanglement, happy net results also default friends dynamic mail reminder settings, continue to harass me. Although I still hate happy, but happy net recent development, I have to let me have to pay attention to it with special respect.


happy network seems to be a new site in early May was pushed out, but in this short 2 months time, happy net users into geometric growth, some third party data, such as ALEXA ranking, Baidu index rises are particularly large. Happy net is the first one I see without spending money on advertising, mainly relying on viral marketing, word of mouth means, in a short time the number of users to do so great. Maybe some of the SNS site people see here defy, think I’m exaggerating, then take a look at the following data. Of course, you can also say that the data is false. But to tell the truth, the true insiders are well aware of the. 4 to find the SNS website and the happy net do the data comparison, the 360 circle and the seat is done relatively early, and domestic network is the recent launch of the ants, but the site launch time earlier than the happy net.

1: data status of Kaixin

, 1:5, SNS, ALEXA rankings, and Chinese rankings.

you can see through figure 1, happy network in the 5 SNS sites, ALEXA ranking is the highest in the week.

is also the closest to the 360 lap in China’s Web site. Only take a third party website rankings, fear of credibility is not enough, so I found two relatively authoritative site rankings, compared with the next. Everyone knows, the 360 circle is done by a lot of advertising, the number of users to do up.

diagram 1


The Baidu index for

2:5 SNS sites is


Baidu index is more telling, and Kaixin is already way ahead of the other 4 SNS sites. 2848, how many websites that have become famous haven’t reached this index yet. It’s really impressive.

diagram 2


two: why is the happy network developing so fast,


finally began to talk about the focus of this article, after looking at the data situation of happy net, I now analyze with everybody why the happy net can be in such a short time