How to get more traffic in the initial stage of website

a lot of people to promote your site will be website optimization and promotion said it seems that as long as the optimization, as if it were raining flowers, as long as his article can do to yibudengtian. Network is not quiet time, the webmaster to do is to persevere, only hard, coupled with opportunities, will let a web site from nameless to famous. What is the real website promotion,


first, determine a set of promotional programs

on the site did not hang up, there should be a detailed promotion plan, the so-called An army marches on its stomach. This requires the webmaster to clearly determine their website positioning, understand what their website is to do, where to go to the market, who is the object, this series have to consider.

second, data accumulation, filing,

Where does

find a forum or web site that has some relevance to its website?. To the website promotion, the article publication has certain help. And do links, exchange friends after the chain, the other side as good friends, because soon after the new station become old station, when the introduction of new web site is old customers will bring great flow.

collect the accumulated information and remember to file it. Is to establish a permanent database, will publish their own articles, exchange links, webmaster information, registered forums, accounts, etc., retained, for future new station launch plans.

third, first sets of their own tips

I also talk about my skills, take, do not know the registered users have not seen, the release of the article on the membership I use the signature of this item, and in the next tip: write your own love star, or the name of the movie song. This is for members to add keywords to you. Another trick is to guide the viewer in the key areas, such as whether you want to publish information or search for the same news or something.

above is a personal summary of some experience, I hope to share with you.

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