Analysis of resource website establishment to profit process

in the economic downturn, it is difficult to find a suitable job, and now in the employment of college graduates in the peak period, even the ivory tower students began to "zero pay" employment, as only a high school diploma I think the labor market, talent or earn a living is how not easy things. Since the work can not find, and that only their own way to employment, how to do? A little proficient in the computer, I chose the "master" this road. The station is very low threshold now added to the webmaster more and more people in the industry, all want to earn some income through the website, improve the living environment, a career is very difficult, after all, how much like "webmaster nets" this service to the famous website webmaster friends? No hard and sweat not be achieved today brilliant. Here I have been on the line for half a year resource class website (free home, and we talk about resources from the establishment of the site of the profit process, for the new owners have just joined the industry, a reference.

, the first web content: each new location at the beginning of the line must be the first planning website content and location of my free home site, first go to the Baidu search Google, early planning content, comparison and analysis of different content constantly, to determine their website content orientation, because when we build the ranking, certainly has its originality in the same type of search engine website home page, to absorb the essence, make a large and comprehensive portal site must be unrealistic, strengths, some of the fine aspects of the East West show to the user, do a special website content.

two, domain name, space choice: a relatively easy to remember domain name will often bring a lot of traffic, especially now com/net as the domain name or domain name has 4 letters or numbers cannot apply to, unless to spend huge amounts of cash to buy, as our webmaster, to spend money to buy a domain name it is not realistic, how about that? We can apply and site name Pinyin consisting of domain name, this website at the time of the visit and easy to remember, and creative. My resource website chose the name of the website (free home, the first Chinese phonetic alphabet. The space is indeed a very people very worried, because the space is not stable directly affect search engines ", as the saying goes: stability is a prerequisite for the overriding problem, as long as the space of stable performance, from the point the day and await for it the flow of the search engine, so that we do not care about the issue, you must select a the high degree of credibility and visibility of the space business.

three, website promotion: domain name, space, content positioning, the next step is how to publicity, if a website is "behind closed doors" is certainly not much traffic, even if you don’t stop to improve the quality of website content, even if the original content, also won’t have much IP address to visit your site. So we only propaganda constantly, but the publicity had to have a degree.