The importance of selecting a IDC service provider

now webmaster are busy SEO, busy after collecting modified as pseudo original, but ignore the site’s most important platform – server provider! Want to know the details, then look,


now, we see that SEO’s articles are in fashion, and every day there are new discoveries, new ways. Admittedly, SEO gives owners more opportunities, more traffic, but if we are busy every day for every keyword optimization and collected articles amended released false original, also for Baidu and GG included is very good, but, you know, you have built edifice might be destroyed on one day because you ignored "" the

foundation quality!

I said the foundation is the IDC provider, I think most webmasters, especially the small station, use the virtual host, the quality of the virtual host determines the speed of the site to open. We all like to figure out an affordable, cheap and good quality goods, in the choice of virtual host is no exception. Remember 5 years ago, 1G space rent for more than 1500 yuan a year, and now cheap less than 100 yuan a year. I’ll give you an account, the normal server hosting fee is generally around 5000 yuan a year, of course, the garbage a little cheaper to the computer room. If a server on the 100 station, count the server investment depreciation, artificial input, IDC, utilities, taxes and other costs, so a station for at least 100 yuan can be maintained without loss (is not a loss, no profit). But, you think, if you put 100 stations, what will be the case? So wide bandwidth, if there are several large flow station, the server is estimated to be paralyzed!


IDC providers do not lose money, so can only be put in more sites to increase revenue, such as even 300-500 sites, then your website open speed will be slower, even often open the case. Due to fierce price competition, many virtual hosting providers rely on price and put the site to maintain operations, it is threatened by growing crises omen, we also see a lot of IDC between providers overnight Not the least trace was found.!

well, here you are, everybody knows. Once your space is out of order, then Baidu and GG will probably be pulling out of your site or even K, and it’s important that your website information disappear as the IDC provider disappears. Here, we are now buying virtual hosting or rental servers, we must find a large service providers, and do not covet cheap, cheap, no good goods, good goods are not cheap. Also, remember to back up the database frequently, and minimize the damage in case of problems,

, finally, show me my little station,