Chong passenger HTML5 what to overcome low pay rate

Guangzhou, a more than 90 people after the start-up team. At the beginning of last year to a HTML5 "invitation" upload to friends based on the circle, did not expect that one day the office phone was ringing off the hook, BMW, Ogilvy and other large companies have come to business. This is the biggest surprise MAKA founder Ma Yanfei venture. With the same surprise Ma Yanfei, there are many entrepreneurs in the H TML5 industry.

was praised by Jobs as "Web rule" HTML5, after several years of "high expectations peak" and "low bubble", before finally entered the user’s circle of friends". Nandu reporter learned that the entrepreneur began to test the water HTML5 industrial chain, investigate its path to the game engine cut, do the game community and associates model is one of the most clear mode.

a thousand things wait to be done

‘s famous technology maturity and application curve, will be divided into five stages of technological maturity: the birth of the activation period, high expectations of the peak, bubble trough period, steady climb bright period and the actual peak production. The development of HTML5 technology in recent years in China is in line with such a curve. Some entrepreneurs optimistic that it is approaching the steady climb bright period, analogy for the eve of the outbreak". HTML5 rushed light application distribution platform founder Zhao Jiuzhou even used to describe "a thousand things wait to be done".

is called "Xing", most entrepreneurs believe that opportune".

Nandu reporter noted that from the financing situation, rushed to light application announced in January 21st by the Innovation workshop of ten million yuan A round of financing; and in the first two months, HTML5 game engine egret engine (hereinafter referred to as "Egret") won the $10 million in financing millet.

and from the point of view of time, the objective factors of HTML5 is also mature.

back in 2010, Jobs published an open letter called "T houghts onFlash", which mentions that HTML5 will rule Web. Such a forecast ushered in the first wave of HTML5 entrepreneurial boom. Huang Ho and Zhao Fei is in this wave created Leiyou technology, mainly to do HTML5 games, then get the innovative workshops and other investment institutions. But soon HTML5 went from high tide to trough. Zhao Fei said: "Egret engine has launched five games, but the market was on hiatus." In this regard, the United States in the OECD investment manager Gao Wenbo to Nandu reporter analysis: HTML5 in the past two years, the standard is not uniform, leading to the development of the whole market is not smooth." In this environment, coupled with the A PP crazy growth, like Leiyou technology financing and lucky enough to survive is not much.

associates to test the water

from last year, however, the popularity of smart device terminals, the hardware environment has been greatly improved, domestic operators began to focus on improving the layout of the network environment 4G. A group of entrepreneurs who fought on this year