Webmasters consider the user experience, Baidu and how

                  just read an article, "global selection of 50 super cattle website"; I feel very great! Some grassroots webmaster abroad have now realized the importance of user experience! And they did very well! Take a look at these famous websites! Most of them are out of the way websites. I believe that China’s webmaster fully technical to do such a function, and can do better. Can you keep our eyes longer? Don’t look at the immediate interests of the SEO, of course, in addition to reselling sites outside the webmaster.

             ;   every day still worried about Baidu K? Worried about falling rankings? Worried about PR? We all do the user’s SEO SEO is the real SEO, this SEO I called him WCEO (Website Consumer Engine Optimization site optimization). Good user experience is not only keep coming back, but allow users to more users, so you can completely get rid of Baidu search engine and the palm, every day do not care about the ranking, worried about K. Believe that many webmaster already tired of this webmaster life! Most of the former traffic flow is not intentional, and the latter traffic is very pure flow. So that we can achieve a pass ten, ten pass 100 effect. With this traffic, look for products that have a range of web content categories! This will have very good results. And sales need some traffic, and advertising on this site is very popular with advertisers, not to mention vcs!

            in fact, good technical webmaster can imitate these successful websites to develop by themselves! The same is true of Baidu and Tencent!

          wake up Chinese webmaster, take out your technical and creative, the Internet can not China on slower! Add luster to China’s internet! Let the brain storming the webmaster ~

            the short Mo laugh, welcome webmaster criticism and correction!