Please do not look down upon our group of small Adsense

you prawns, you are good, like you, I am also a webmaster, as my ID, I’m just a little webmaster, but I am not what all don’t understand, I have four or five years standing, but these four or five years have been bumps, take a lot of detours, today, I this is not my review four or five years why even a station did not succeed, I do not want to write an article "how to do" station in order to avoid detours, here, I’m just out of my personal for such a long time really want to what one sees and hears, on all levels of the world prawn webmaster said a words, can you don’t look down on our small station


a few days ago, and I exchange Links a station, the station is very arrogant, but his stand is not too great, and I talk to people, because my station originally PR is zero, but Baidu only included dozens of pages, and I say to do Links, be thrown directly a word: Baidu snapshot is eight hundred years ago how I do find Links! I didn’t say what, after a few days, and do a chain with another website, people see the snapshot not update, then the estimate is reluctant to deal with the sound of it, said a snapshot update I have come to do friends chain, after three days, the snapshot is really updated, I Pidianpidian to find people, people and I made friends of the chain, I was talking very impatient tone, the few days I stand back, you withdraw The withdrawal right, I also politely asking why to withdraw, as long as you say, I can’t eat you right, anyway, this is my station, just do it a few months, traffic flow is not Baidu, Baidu included less, you withdraw my station, I also feel normal but, people do not ignore me, I asked to ignore several days, you had no such sincerity and I do friends chain, then you can tell me that, I was happy, what is what you say, you do not despise me.


to be honest with you, the webmaster compared in technology, we are not you know deep in the flow, our station is not you come, but who do not have time do not know? Who stand a line is one hundred thousand two IP? You master level the webmaster even now rely on the website of the webmaster fortune never do not know when had just made the station? Web sites have a good few days IP is 0 of the time? Don’t see a novice webmaster will always put on a superior look, you remember, no matter you stand do much, after all the webmaster occupation is to serve the users, it is a netizen’s grandson, tomorrow users do not visit your site, you can put up the shutters! Which stationmaster is no exception, including Robin Li and Zhang Zhaoyang


you this group of cattle what cattle, feel very great, yes, I did not see you, all of you do than Baidu big, Sohu all, of course, my these words are not for all webmaster!


here, I hope you can help us, new station leaders, i.