My 15 day website construction experience

Spring Festival, xianlaiwushi, whim, or build a website. First of all, I declare that I am a rookie, a little web production foundation is not, I wrote down the process of building the site for the last two months, for those who like me as a novice.

day 1: what station is it built,


surfing the Internet, after a comparison, I feel a site navigation station is good, this is relatively simple, made less maintenance later, usually I do not have so much time to work. So, around looking for source code, download a lot of, some operations will go wrong, some of the background can not open, some of my choice, pick to go, and finally found a similar, just it.

second days: learning basic

source code, how to modify it, by looking for information, the Internet to find a MX8, of course, is pirated, running after open the program, as mumbo-jumbo code, do not know ah. Do not understand, we can check, there are networks? What, first understand the general meaning of what to say.

third days: install the local server

change ah, change the contents of the source code are replaced with my mark, want to see the effect, but the local can not run, Baidu, under the need to install the local IIS, so find the installation disk, install iis.

fourth days: modify the web page

opened my modified page, and it was not bad. I felt the joy of success. But look, the old feeling is not according to your own style, modify, just do it, but the change didn’t know the difficult ah, every move a place, is likely to run error, only slowly change, not to restore, and then change, have patience, hundreds of times the test (ha ha, this not only is called modified Mongolia), imperceptibly a day past.

fifth days – tenth days: continue to modify

has been changing, modify, run, garbled, and then change, I do not know how many times.

eleventh days: find domain name


website is finally a little look like, what name, domain name online, nice to remember is no one, of course, what are the age, who will give me leave? Zhaolaizhaoqu find, this is not used, the name is relatively short, but good not like what meaning, anyway, is it, 365 days a year, this is t366, I called it "one day", haha.

twelfth days: buy domain name and virtual space

find a domain name registrar, and consider its space, I do not intend to engage in big investment, budget within 300 yuan, and not intend to make a living. Finally found a similar, domain name 60 yuan, space 198 yuan, do not say where, so as not to have suspected advertising. Alipay to pay, help fix, site record. Wait. It’ll probably take two or three days to get through.

thirteenth >