Travel online search engine marketing – perseverance

tourism network marketing, especially the travel network search engine marketing, how to do, has been the concern of many travel marketing personnel. In fact, the travel network search engine marketing method is no less than a few kinds of, the key is how to make tourism network search engine marketing, decadent for magic. Personally think it is an old saying goes: "if 8, why three up before sleep; the most useless, I am afraid that one day ten day of cold exposure." Persevere in the use of tourism, Internet search engine marketing methods, sustained accumulation in order to produce a qualitative leap.

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In fact, many of the

tourism network search engine marketing core can be reduced to the above two points, one is the original, through a large number of original articles, improve the content of the website, to provide high quality articles for search engines, and thus enhance the authority and the weight of the site, attract search engines often grab web content is two; the chain, including the exchange of Links, forum marketing, blog marketing, add more the chain for the website, the accumulation of tourism website authority, for the website open up more Internet entrance, the users and search engines to attract their tourism website. Through these two main factors, continue to enhance the travel website search speed and travel website ranking.

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in fact, I sometimes forget to add content to travel online marketing blogs every day, watching my blog waste for a few days, and the number of visitors is decreasing. In another small site, although not every article is original, but added the daily update and the chain, the search engine almost every day to visit my station, the main site keywords have very good rankings in search engines. In fact, the travel search engine, network marketing game is to adhere to the game, who laughs last laugh best.

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