Talk about the webmaster several commonly used way to earn money

from the Internet to produce for the majority of Internet users to various sites was born, navigation station, search engine, community, portal, forum, news, business, platform, shopping website, the birth of the webmaster contributed. Webmaster in the operation of the site at the same time pay the financial resources, manpower, the site only profit to survive. The common way for webmasters is through product transactions, by providing services, by providing useful information, and by means of website traffic.

earns fees by providing services on the platform

such as Taobao Tmall Alibaba shopping platform, set up shop software for a fee; the pig Witkey Witkey platform released by Chinese task then the task, for service providers and suppliers of services; micro-blog marketing platform is to collect the spread of micro propagation and the main task of member services; information platform such as 58 city, through the platform to release information to earn information costs. This requires human and financial support, the team needs to operate, but revenue and profits absolutely can not be ignored. Grassroots webmaster is not with one class.

gains profits by carefully operating sites, providing advertising for large traffic streams, or converting CPA CPC CPS through traffic

The main thing about

is that the site has large traffic, well managed websites, or communities, or portals, or forums that profit by offering ad positions. Selling advertising places, through the annual advertising position, the monthly advertising position, the weekly advertising money earned pure advertising profit. General portal, community forums, commonly used classical means, some professional website navigation by selling advertising pictures, text advertising to earn a lot of money money; or through advertising such as Baidu alliance, Taobao alliance, linktech, billion, visual results, advertising alliance registered by CPA, CPC click on the CPS, sales commission profits, these are individual owners, the grassroots webmaster will do the project. Personal Adsense is good at garbage station, standing group to get traffic, do CPC, do CPS advertising. Especially garbage station data station, download station do CPC most common, standing group do CPS advertising and selling products, you can get a lot of income. CPS is the most successful Taobao customers.

profits by trading products or selling useful data

is profitable through product trading, which is shopping websites, and B2C class C2C sites gain profits by selling physical products and services. Or is suitable for Adsense such kind of sales links, soft Wen even alliance, also belong to product trading. Or by selling useful information, software, tutorials, earning profits, or offering a fee membership channel to provide membership boards. Such as pictures, photography sites provide templates, you need to pay for download, senior programmer blog download source code, download useful applets need to pay, movie and television sites need to pay to watch or download, and so on. Thunderbolt is a living example, as long as membership, download speed is flying faster.