Talking about the skill of a website operation

as a web site operator, every day facing various challenges, regardless of factors of the site itself or outside pressure, but the maintenance on our website in the day-to-day operation as definitely need some skills, so that you face various challenges from the site, heart is from the following aspects of you look, for the novice, veteran across.

1. Spend time thinking about locating

as a website operator, thinking and positioning are often the most critical first step. If the site never arrives, then the interviewer must ask you how to locate their website and how to run their website. From the current domestic website development situation, positioning should be professional, specialization, depth, pan, not wide, because the latter do feel tired, and may have a lot of successful models, such as portal in Sina, Sohu. If you do specialize, then there may be some room for success, of course, in specialization also need creativity, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed. At present, web games, vertical search engines, dating sites has become a popular website form in recent years, some of which are worth thinking positioning reference web site operators. For example, the traditional online games have been popular, and web games with its convenient gameplay, suitable for white-collar workers, not download the client and other advantages, and quickly find a good room for development. Marriage and love website is an interactive platform established by the needs of modern people in marriage and love. At present, there are many cases. These two kinds of websites can stand out, mainly through reasonable thinking, identify some gaps in the market, drill into, and thus find the space for development.

two, do a good job site planning,

website operating site construction work, in addition to positioning, including planning work. Some companies have no independent website planners, so these work requires you to single handedly. From the website in the market positioning, competitors, Internet users habits, timing, budget costs, space, domain name costs, SEO, excellent chemistry, etc., need to be described one by one clearly. You need to stand in a comprehensive perspective, so that site planning in accordance with your ideas to design. Website planning, as far as possible to do the work carefully, including each page of the functional processes, content layout, advertising size, etc., are described in detail.

three, optimized search engine

as a web operator, of course, needs to have its own view of SEO. From the current domestic market situation, or to Baidu and Google Goolge based, but the search rules are different. If you choose which SEO optimization is better, at present you still want to choose Baidu, because from the market share, Baidu mainstream in the country.

has many uncertainties during its website operation. For example, some sensitive content in the forum requires people to monitor in 24 hours, and blog content needs to be monitored. There are also some >