What kind of website does individual stationmaster suit to do


every webmaster has considerable executive power and power, we can not sleep for several days, to develop a website program, a framework for large web sites; Web content can overnight let what are not many. Such speed and execution in the company is not, we only have personal adsense. However, with the increasing of spam sites, the phoenix nest plan, a record server when the tide comes, we see many webmaster complaining about, what we should do what should do? What kind of website


choose their own familiar, if you are familiar with the website, you can do a professional website based construction of knowledge sharing website; if programming is more familiar with, I think we can do a lot of website, can develop a small blog or CMS, from 1 until the backward development, provide the most comprehensive services, accumulate more the user can provide the paid version after derivation and technical support, and IDC can be used as a profit channel. We’re not going to see DEDE, wind and other large CMS, we can see ZBLOG, PJBLOG, 5U and other small personal program; if there is, we can also provide a template copy and development, I see a lot of friends in the template of imitation, one night as a template, you can also earn a few hundred if a designer can block; we can design with LOGO and CI, is money.

if we have no technology for web site can also, now download a very simple procedure, are readily available, and then find a feasible template, choose a familiar theme, such as QQ, such as non mainstream. Focus, promotion, traffic and advertising will be there.

if you don’t have the time, and also want to make a website, then I suggest choosing blog, writing down your interest and concern, and it’s also a good blog. But blogs must have their own ideas, not reprint them.

have you found a site for yourself,


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