What does your website do Some thoughts about website positioning

site positioning, at this point, is indeed a bit of a cliche. But I think website positioning is a very important problem whenever and whenever. The importance of it is its particularity. Special status. If you want to build a web site, the first thing you need to be sure of is the location of the site. Site positioning is the cornerstone of website construction, there is no foundation to build this foundation, the construction of the upper level can not be achieved.

in any industry, positioning is a very important issue, but also a long-standing problem of all walks of life. Even some well-known enterprises at the beginning of the construction of enterprises, there is a problem of positioning difficult. Some enterprises are still adjusting their positions.

we don’t say it compares with these famous companies. I think you webmaster for this site positioning problems should be deep understanding. Without experience, it is difficult to understand the truth. You want to build a what kind of website, to meet user needs which aspect, whether it has value, whether there is enough light to attract people’s attention, whether there is enough to make the site has to survive oxygen. This is what we need to consider before we build it. And we should continue to follow this direction to build the survival value and goal of the website.

at the beginning of building a website, we should have a very clear concept in our minds. That’s what your website is for,

?The main value of

website is reflected in the value of the use of the website. What exactly does your station do? What kind of convenience can you bring to the user, or whether the user can get spiritual entertainment and relaxation at your station?…… These are the test of every webmaster. Choose a clear and clear positioning, and choose a promising location for each webmaster is eager to get. At the beginning of the creation of the program supermarket network, is to create a software program for the seller, buyers who create a trading and display platform. Looking at the domestic software and program sales, the lack of such a platform. The app supermarket net captures the lack of a showcase platform for China’s vast software market. Dedicated to providing the seller with the best trading platform, to provide buyers with safe and convenient trading services. A few years later, the program supermarket network along the positioning of the development of this idea persisted. Now, the program supermarket network is preparing to upgrade the development, then presented to everyone will be a new look.

site positioning is also facing a problem is the site of the user group problem. Even if you had the design is perfect, but if no one to understand you the perfect, you have to face the indulge in self-admiration. The result is premature death of websites. The emergence of a website is to meet the needs of a particular group, only by grasping the needs of these users, the site will be able to obtain the survival and development of space. From the point of view of the relationship between demand and orientation, my idea is that the two are complementary. We say that the location of the site is base >