Thunderbolt search what is the real user needs Give users simple products

[core tips] from the user’s point of view, to obtain the entire Internet content cost reduction and process simplification, users can get better user experience, this is the real user needs.


yesterday officially launched Android mobile phone search platform — "lightning mobile phone search, search the contents of software, games, e-books, music, ringtones, wallpapers, themes and other 7 categories of download resources.


"lightning mobile phone search" each category contains huge amounts of resources search and download, the user can complete the search and download the whole process in the lightning, want to search resources through the 360 mobile phone assistant can download to mobile phone, use very convenient.

gives users simple products

"lightning mobile search" and 360 of the rest of the product for the same user base, locked into small white users. For those who don’t know who used game users where music e-books, search and download to the appropriate resources to go through multiple hops in the past search engines, "lightning mobile phone search" integration of resources, are present in the same platform.


"lightning mobile phone search" to a certain extent and Baidu’s "Box Computing" like, is to provide the most direct service, users do not need to do two jumps, only "lightning mobile phone search" for major categories of resources, resources targeted, users may not care about computer it contained 360 mobile phone assistant or pea pods or 91 mobile phone Butler, users only consider how to get what you want the fastest way, users do not need to do too much choice and judgment, for users, simple enough product is a good product.

evolution from mobile assistant to content portal

mobile phone assistant is PC control the content of mobile phone entrance, mobile Internet in the stage of the outbreak, the app store has been regarded as the most important traffic entrance, in the app store download, can directly determine the number of users of an application. The rise of mobile phone assistant is seen as a new pipeline, also has the huge volume and value of content distribution, grasp the mobile phone desktop assistant, to occupy the mobile phone content entrance on another level, its value is not only stay in the App distribution, there is more room for imagination, and 360 mobile phone assistant will be conducted to expand the imagination, into the entrance of mobile phone content, "lightning mobile phone search is the search entrance end.

but in fact, not only the 360 mobile phone assistant to do so, this time a year ago, pea pods also released pea pods pocket their new products, pea pods treasure bag is a product based on the extended > peas software