Since the media is the Internet start-up life-saving straw

with the development of electronic technology, a series of network media began to form their own momentum. With the development of the Internet era and the continuous development of mobile technology, people have more and more new media styles. Of course, the emergence and development of the media has become an important carrier of the new media. A variety of media from the dazzling we see. Recently, a traditional media editors who have started using the so-called self media approach, attracted the attention of the circle. Is it from the media is the Internet start-up life-saving straw?

from the media several types of common

WeChat micro-blog platform

Since WeChat launched WeChat

from the public platform, some professionals covering all walks of life with their unique sound public account, the dissemination of information that you cannot see in the open world to all readers interested in them. Currently WeChat public venture has become the main form of Internet entrepreneurship. Of course, in addition to WeChat from the media in vitro, micro-blog from the media are constantly developing. Micro-blog’s diversion mechanism is relatively perfect, it is signed on the media in the flow of support and the way to achieve a great help. At present, there are many "red" is the way to become popular.

technology blog

technology blog is a branch of many types of blog, which is mostly written by some senior IT practitioners interested. Some originated from the portal, some traditional media people to do it, some are born out of traditional media, more emphasis on the most critical and commercial analysis. The characteristics of each technology blog with art fan children, innovation, professionalism fan fan children, also known as "independent", not soft, not paid news. Its main profit model is advertising, meeting, training and consulting, public relations.

homemade video

Papi sauce series popular video, set off a boom in video business, more and more people began to follow suit. Even some experts called the spring of content entrepreneurship. Since the media age, everyone’s media power expansion, all the life, work, emotional problems such as their were exaggerated, filmed video posted on the Internet, speak a common language of a group, to obtain high click rate.

from the lack of media entrepreneurship

uneven in quality

from the media so that people can be the master of the media, the release of information is mostly prepared according to their own wishes. Some of them are running account of life trivia records, some is a profound sentiment of life circumstances, some of the current political observation etc.. Excellent from the media experience in the show itself in Central China to obtain higher returns. But most of the current media is only some simple "network transplant", recorded some trifles, or unhealthy content.

low reliability

network from a large number of media, most of them as grassroots, the network’s hidden to the Internet users "arbitrary"