Why don’t the owners stop insisting

Thanks to

glaive, a mobile phone ebook my website, www.9itxt.com dropped by Baidu K more than 1 months, made a lot of efforts have included again, but in two days before the Admin5 saw an article he adhere to "is the way Baidu reopened difficult", try to that two mailbox to send mail, site today at Baidu included the start unexpectedly be startled at that, after only two days.

has been so depressed for a long time that he is very happy today. Thank you very much for glaive and for the way he offered us.

in fact, a lot of times, we do not do enough, but often only the difference between that step, we gave up, but I do not know, as long as we continue to take this step, you can win the final victory.

has not come to this step of the friend, might as well go to see glaive this article, try the method inside, maybe you will also get unexpected surprise.

is happy and a little depressed, because of another station two days before their upgrade, PBDigg system, after the upgrade did not modify the template completely, causing the site title somewhat different with the previous, there was no attention, today also in Baidu site, found by K but, some dumbfounding.

, what’s that all about, ~~~


but with previous experience, I’m not worried any more. I believe that as long as I stick to it, there will always be results.

again, thanks to glaive, I link to your global hospital network at the small station in love ebook www.9itxt.com, and wish you a better station.