Individual stationmaster must see network poineering attention a few points

for online business, there are two kinds of people’s point of view is wrong.

is the first person perspective is always watch the sky, full of only Ding Lei and Chen Tianqiao, especially in the network economy, will gradually take a good outbreak of such a big economic situation, they have to be on tenterhooks, eager to make a couple of Ma Yun Ding Lei to Chinese.

second people every day, when Chinese users to hundreds of thousands of people at the rate of increase of the time, they think that online business, online shop is just a boring man’s game, it is worthless things, their contribution into this "muddy water", draw a line, and it is far away from the development of the times as everyone knows, it will the scene is helpless.

network era grassroots rise, shouting "military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace, dauntless courage to attempt to subvert and change the world. The spirit is commendable, but besides passion and impulse, more important is the ideas, ideas determine, train of thought is wrong, everything will become empty. On the Internet, six clear ideas must be followed: Strategic arguments, profit models, arguments, speed arguments, elevator arguments, tortoise and hare arguments, and market barrier arguments.

1, strategic arguments

China network is still in infancy, is not mature, so the current Internet industry needs less strategy, more practice, in practice, in the summary of perfection is the right path. What the network needs is practice and practice, so that we can grasp the train of thought and guarantee the maximum possibility of success.

two, profit model argument

unless you have 2 billion to burn Taobao like Ma, or you’re a spiritual seeker, consider that. On the profit model is not shameful, keep from talking about profit model is shameful. If a website does not even consider how to make money, how can you guarantee Internet users to have confidence in your website?

three, speed argument

network is the speed of economic, technology is not the core competitiveness, talent is not the core competitiveness, the core competitiveness is not only the mode, speed is the core competitiveness, speed has first mover advantage, first mover advantage can quickly enter the user’s mental model, full competition is the result of competition, so be sure to use the acceleration.

in all areas of the network is not completely under the premise of monopoly, as long as you want to get the site can do it. Therefore, technology is definitely not the core competitiveness, talent is China’s most current lack of, the model can be imitated at any time. As long as you are quick and able to form a monopoly, then you are not far from success.

four, elevator argument

in a full lift, lift is more backward, the more likely to arrive first in the elevator door.

as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, so early worms are eaten by birds? Most of the available >