Fang Guoping’s rabbit theory of e-commerce

e-commerce has been applied and developed for 10 years in our country. In the early 90s of last century, e-commerce should have just begun to be applied. The application and development of electronic commerce in the ups and downs ups and our awesome development, just a few years into the winter, at the time that the electronic commerce can become rich overnight and the rise of the website are not crazy, but at the same time, now Chinese model of e-commerce Alibaba was born. With the winter will always pass, the spring will certainly come, as early as the beginning of this century, e-commerce ushered in the spring, this time, the young Chinese e-commerce has been rapid development. There have been a lot of good B2B, C2C, B2C e-commerce. But, the personage inside course of study is clear, after entering 2008, electronic commerce met a development difficulty again. Since the focus of this article is not on these, a friend interested in the history of e-commerce development can refer to the relevant information.

this article takes the hospital network marketing as an example to explain the rabbit theory of e-commerce. Most of the hospital website is not a few years ago, when the hospital website with other business websites without much distinction, is the basic introduction of hospital, departments, experts, equipment introduction, introduction of a successful case, contact. Just opened a "window" on the Internet, so that people can know there is such a hospital through the network, and occasionally, some people will call to consult some cases, will come to the hospital. Soon, the hospital does not do so, do the site more practical, use it to do business work, start their packaging, packaging experts, packaging technology and equipment, started their own propaganda, detailing what to do business projects, there is a feeling of boasting. It also serves as a special consultant to answer questions for patients. Listen to some colleagues said, they haven’t the hospital network group, website construction, publicity and promotion work to do, do or outsource what the hospital is generally in this period. So, a lot of hospital is the first formal consultation department, after the network department.

over this period, I referred to as the "waiting period". This period, the work of the network sector is basically website construction, network maintenance and some simple promotion, these promotion is only the promotion of the site itself, basically no business level promotion. The hospital also has no business volume requirements, through the network can count a few, completely in the state of waiting. So, I call this period as "waiting" period.

after a period of development, many hospitals have tasted the benefits of the network, and realized that the network business is a piece of fat meat, and the fast moving hospitals change strategy immediately and wait no longer. They took the initiative to seek business development, began to climb the rabbit". Website itself construction, promotion is no longer the focus, the focus is to take the initiative to the network for the appropriate place to do business publicity. A fundamental change in the nature and focus of the network group has taken place. If the previous work is mainly website construction, website promotion, then this time work is called website optimization, network marketing. Marketing methods and means are more and more, more and more smart. < >