Do website, should do happy net

site should do happy network

last year when making money online, with a team of people mentioned, do a SNS, the original team gave me the answer is "the school has been very strong, besides SNS, there is no market opportunity". At that time, I had been using domestic, school, neighborhood and so on. Unexpectedly, 08 years launched a happy net quickly red, become SNS’s dark horse. Now check out ALEXA and other data from Kaixin, and you’ll be able to go beyond the campus network in the near future.

so do the website should do happy net, happy net name rises very good, want to be happy, go up happy net. If the website does not feel happy, can member still insist to come everyday?


happy net is to seize the boring needs of Internet users, open a breakthrough, attracted a large number of members. Boredom is the eternal theme of the Internet. When you are bored, what do you want to do? Nothing more than boring the way to boring and boring yourself. So happy nets just help you solve the boring problems and start to cheer you up. For example, there are friends buying and selling, voting, fate, gifts and so on, too many interesting things.

imagine you are at work or work, occasionally someone can tell you "play", you can not relax, entertainment, and such "play" will not be discovered by the boss, I believe that many people are boring when in the company, then go to the happy net play, but the most suitable the.

Before the

campus network and the network at home are the basis of friends, because in their eyes, to maintain that only friend is the core of SNS, other entertainment are minor, and happy net found every day by SNS to maintain contact with friends, friends is the foundation of the function, must extend the value of SNS. Because it is not possible to contact friends every day, every day to maintain the friends, have a friend, they need to interact more with friends, "play" is the best way to interact. As long as there is something to play with, there are more and more friends, and the connections between friends are becoming more and more frequent.

so you should do a happy website instead of a stiff product. The idea I have with the team through money online, I assume the accounting should serve as the basis functions, increasing the entertainment and interest in accounting and accounting basis, not rigid. If the light of the accounting function so dull as ditch water, with difficult to cultivate the habit of account, should be in the "play" atmosphere, cultivate the habit of accounting, in the "play" in the process, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members of the fun and interest accounting.

(author: money online Tian Keshan)