China’s SNS web site is dying of mass death under the quality of the Chinese people

2 years ago, SNS site fiery, the Internet industry devoted heavily to SNS, everyone, 51, happy and so on, a large number of web sites. These sites have been looking for a way out, until today, happy net games rely on a few people began to play, 51 game development, but not heard 51 news has been a long time, to engage in a lot of measures out of order login rewards, hope to save customers around. People give the definition of SNS is interactive, which is a concept of higher WEB2.0, in the launch of the most popular people in the first time, in addition to QQ place to see the real name of the other, in Zhou Hongyi’s words, happy net meet a large number of office crowd on the dark side of reality, anyway I like you, to one in the Internet, is actually the case, to meet the dark side of a bunch of lonely students, because of some characteristics of these large SNS site registered users have reached ten million level, although there has been a profit model is not good, but it does not stop the enthusiasm of investors, for investors, as long as the concept, as long as the user, all to say, as long as the concept of speculation will be better, the organic pick up their next bar, these capital game has been broken.

ordinary people are longing to play the game of capital, so all around the country more SNS website, these poor personal webmaster help those wars to cultivate the market, raising a bunch of netizens, but eventually a thankless. People wonder why the gap between China’s Internet development and the west is so great. Why is Facebook developing so well, while the active members of happy net are falling in a straight line?

in fact, this problem is not surprising, everything has a process, the Chinese people with the concept of premature operation of the local market, it is inevitable to hit the wall. I have published some articles, said the core SNS website is currently the mainstream humanistic quality, Chinese SNS website is deviate from the direction, neither training users of humanistic quality, or even completely cater to the decadent trend, death is behoove. In so many SNS sites, in addition to the Tencent’s QQ space to maintain the heat, in addition to professional types of SNS such as Beijing intranet, 5G networks have little heat, other general and local SNS website will be almost dead, how have half-dead, time is the next 2 years, including the current happy net SNS, and other mainstream website.

doesn’t have any doubts about this prediction. In fact, I am very helpless and I don’t want to make such predictions. But the present situation has really reached the point where it can not be redeemed. Interaction is not just a superficial greeting, stealing a dish, but a conversation between people. When we open the QQ panel, a friend to write diary updates that are some of the things happened recently, some private things, or some original ideas published, we will be very happy to see, comment. So the QQ space is flourishing because…