Kik’s CEO tells you why they took Tencent’s $50 million

tiger sniffing note: according to Reuters reported that the Canadian mobile messaging application Kik Interactive said on Wednesday, has received $50 million stake in Tencent investment, the deal makes Kik valuation of more than $1 billion. This is Kik’s D round of financing, the current financing of $120 million 500 thousand. Kik plans to use the financing to recruit staff in Waterloo and other chat service based on investment.

this article is for Kik founder and CEO Ted Livingston in Medium for the financing response, the original title: Why We Took $50 from China Million s Largest Internet Company, tiger sniffing translation.

today, we announced that Tencent, the owner of WeChat, has invested $50 million in our company, Kik.

a year ago, the board of directors advised us to find a bigger company that would give us nutrients so that our company would be more competitive. At first, I refused. Because I have been confident that Kik can rely on their own strength to sit tight in the top spot in the App chat circles. But in the light of Kik’s many interests, I finally agreed with the board’s proposal.

next, I pulled out a list of potential partners. Some of them are technology companies, some content production companies, some in the United States, some in asia. After that, I painted a blueprint for each company for a year, with both dream and nightmare versions. Based on these imaginations, I listed the strengths and weaknesses of each company to make the best choice.

from the start, Tencent is our list of choice. After all, it is QQ and WeChat qindie, there is no doubt that it has deep insights for chat, you can become our land. Kik wants to build a chat based ecosystem can not be achieved overnight, and the Tencent of excellence and awesome resources, to ensure they have good patience in helping Kik. Previously, their focus has been on opening up the Chinese market, and now they can tap the American market by supporting Kik’s independent operations.

after we have been in touch with Tencent China for some time, we are more confident that Tencent will be our best partner.

"we are confident that chatting will be the easiest way for you to connect with the world,"

at Kik, we are confident that chatting will be the easiest way for you to connect with the world. At the moment, chatting has become the simplest way for you to contact your relatives and friends. No matter if you use the chat tool at any time, it’s there. So what if it can be used to connect other things around you,


, this is happening in china.

wants to buy a soda from the vending machine? You can order through WeChat