Experience sharing two months of development, the station is going too smoothly

and the title, the first day of the new year, shouted a sentence, 2 months, the development of the station is too smooth. Super cool.

began construction in November 1st, but it was only around November 20th, and it was developing in a fixed direction. IT College Station along the way, the development of very smooth. The following development process is shown below:

1, about Baidu included questions

many websites are anxious to Baidu included questions, all day asking everywhere, how to let Baidu included?. After all, Chinese stand well, mainly depends on Baidu to flow. IT College Station is fantastic that looks like Baidu included on the second day. And a few days ago, because the site revised out an accident, Baidu included from 2 thousand to 0, second days and again included back to 500+, now Baidu included also close to 1000+. This is related to a Baidu K has been included in the problem.

2, about each data problem

at the beginning of the establishment of IT College Station, ALEXA ranking I noticed, in the data of 7 million to 8 million, at that time, my dream is to enter the top 5 million. Two months have passed, and now in the Chinese webmaster statistics there is, ALEXA ranking is: in March the average ranked 316990, a week average of 164445 (2009.1.1 statistics). I was surprised and unbelievable at the same time. It is worth mentioning that I did not cheat brush rankings, in this regard.

also, thank you very much for GG’s gift for me on New Year’s day, so that the PR value of the IT College Station rises from 0 to 2. The PR value rose, let me feel IT Institute station is perfect day by day. This also has to make me think of a problem, Christmas day received GG Christmas gifts – GG advertising PIN yards, and new year’s day before the New Year gift received, the PR value increases. I have to thank GG for being so kind to me.

3, about traffic issues,

believe that you all know the meaning of traffic flow, a web site has flow means what, no traffic means what?. In my opinion, the flow of the website means money, which means the value of your website and the value of it. Of course, I mean natural flow, valuable traffic. After all, brush the flow of alliances too much. IT College Station from the beginning of the daily flow of single digits (seemingly both themselves and a few friends), to now stable in 1000+, had to sigh, two months for IT Institute station paid hard, worth.

below, according to the course of IT College Station, to share my experience, focusing on the flow and included problems. Don’t ask me why the ALEXA ranking is going up so fast, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because I insist on updating everyday.

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website was first created, it was strongly recommended not to try to collect content. Even if you look inside your website >