Guidelines for overcoming technical failures and technicians’ failure to start a business (2)

overcoming technical problems — a guide to technicians’ failure to start a business (next)

Hello everyone, I am leaf rattan, and last time the article said some disadvantages and pitfalls for technical personnel when they cooperate with the market personnel. (  ) this time, the article says the technical personnel are not conducive to entrepreneurship character shortcomings.

, an early start, to cut off his ear:

The last time the

article also mentioned, not good at communication is a common problem of technical staff, but also want to be recognized, love is one of the people also boast of Mingmen technician. And the people who play the market is this, so the technical staff of the inferiority came out again. When discuss cooperation, these subtle differences, let the market to seize the staff and technical personnel will lead to unfair treatment of Mingmen, technical personnel and long-term expansion. So the technical personnel must not forget their crow identity, not because the suggestible abandoned their own interest, thus being used. Therefore, when discussing cooperation, be sure not to be easily tempted, be sure to study the conditions of the other party. To find the best market to help their predecessors of noble character and high prestige of staff, to see if there is no agreement in the trap hidden inside, not because the other side of praise is think to find the horses, the technician is often so simple, so be sure to learn other people’s experience of failure, or personally experienced several failures to mature.

so early start, losing to hold the determination to keep calm, to clear their responsibility with each other, we split up to work, do not easily put in, be a word, a hot head like a fool, what things are rushing to myself. Lazy partner, let people steal to smile. By the time you sober up, this collaboration will be over.

two, mid business, to open your mouth,

after the initial passion of the company disappeared, everything became real, and a lot of problems came to light. This is the most dangerous time to start a business, to maintain a good attitude, sincere communication and communication, there are problems in consultation in time, resolve contradictions, cooperation is the medium of magic. When necessary, early rules and regulations, which at this time should be adjusted according to need. For example, principle of distribution, I suggest to the spirit of hard work and the principle of re distribution. In order to benefit the healthy development of the company. At this time, through the early running and medium-term exchanges and consultations, and gradually developed a representative of the common interests of the rules and regulations, the company is gradually moving to the right track.

however, technicians tend to be shy, drill into the technology, and have nothing to do with the tip of the horn. Often ignored education communication, time, Changle is not good at communication. But when we start this business, if the partners can not communicate honestly, but complain to each other, refuse to communicate, it will make the initial accumulation of contradictions gradually expand, can not