How did Baidu throw away my website step by step

since the beginning of last December the room off the network event, my station (flash education resource network courseware is not a serious illness, from 30 thousand IP to 5000IP the original daily step daily, also, as we all know, the flow of income is proportional to, the result can be imagined, that day is really miserable and after a period of time, and finally in January 4, 2010, our webmaster Yisifumu – Baidu, was finally restored to some weight, let me back to the station, IP visits IP million, February is the Spring Festival holiday, traffic is always hovering around 10 thousand, when the mind always think, adhere to adhere to that someday it will regain the weight of the website and flow.

wrote here, some friends will ask, you must be a new station and the new website, actually say ashamed, I have been as a webmaster for six years, now with the 90 than would have been the old revolutionary. The original are just as interested in doing, because their teachers often help colleagues and friends to do some flash courseware, so the final germination do a flash to share the network courseware courseware resources and skills, and the international domain name registered with the in 2004, that time has not put the website as a career to do, but also update the heart love, IP is always about 2000, also never thought the website can bring you income.

until the end of 08, I transferred to a local college, time is abundant, determined to own bigger and stronger, from then on I no matter how busy, adhere to update the site every day, in the courseware, lesson plans, papers, also included the amount from a few thousand to 10 thousand, grow with each passing day, to 20 thousand large, every time Baidu update, included the amount of their own will grow exponentially, flow almost every day in the growth, since the increase of document resources of the short time has exceeded 20 thousand IP daily, the update is also lazy, most is the collection, then change the Title On the release, can rank and weight surprisingly, some of the popular search keywords courseware or their websites are generally ranked in the top three or top five, flow up themselves often analysis of some big education Resource station such as 3edu education network, Lotus Mountain Park put courseware, Ali mother and some of the alliance’s first pop, the daily income of 50 yuan, has been excited, then 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, to flow during the college entrance examination in July in June, touched 50 thousand IP daily. The daily income reached nearly 500 yuan, their greed is in rapid growth, knowing that it is their basic wage income site 3 times faster, if it continues to develop, I will be the next Ding Lei? Now, I can only say that 09 years of luck and good fortune. But that didn’t do what SEO, every day is to keep updating the website, is actually a collection of some popular articles and documents, modify the title, you can get.