Analysis of Internet users behavior using Baidu index

Baidu offers an analysis tool for different keywords, "user attention" and "media attention" over the past few years, the Baidu index. Although the Baidu index has a lot of deviation, but as a network intelligence collection, we still can use it to get a lot of analysis data.

keyword group 1: Erotic (8531) yellow net (5326) erotic (18931) porn (9858)

note: the index in the bracket after the phrase is one week search mean.

food, color, human nature, also do not have to analyze ha,

keyword group two: Edison Chan (187507) pornographic door (171582)

network strength is strong, the network speed is very fast, the netizen Lieyan demand is infinite fun exploration.

keyword three: thesis


is looking for a job in May and June the peak search volume reached more than 25000, but now only a little more than 2000, looking at the data, this is a very curious thing, but combined with the actual situation, it is perfectly logical and reasonable thing.

here is just a few examples of simple, multi analysis of a word, the Chinese Internet users on an understanding of more, and if you have enough patience, you can find thousands of different keywords to analyze.

if you need, you can find a key word to analyze and you’ll know more about the industry.