How to do the middle and late operation of the website

the successful operation of a website does not always happen overnight, but needs to go through many different stages, from these stages to continuously improve, enrich and perfect the various functions and services of the website. When the site’s operation has gone through the early stages, it may have a certain foundation (including traffic and users), and the next operation will be somewhat different from the previous stage. After the foundation of the first stage, then to the late stage of the website operation, website traffic and user activity, may have a considerable level: registered users, the average loss of users online and also in a relatively stable state. At this time, the website’s operation determines whether the website can develop in a benign direction. We need to pay attention to the following aspects in operation:

first, special attention should be paid to user requirements collection and collation. This we can take some practical measures to implement: by increasing feedback and questioning module in the website; can use the questionnaire to collect user demand; can also set up user discussion group, QQ group, micro-blog; even can carry out the corresponding activities and related users communicate directly.

second, to strengthen the entire operation team division of labor, cooperation, solidarity and cooperation. When the process of Web site operators, usually operating team received a variety of complaints of users, with some small modifications to website function, as well as some inevitable glitches, these daily site maintenance tasks without reasonable coordination, effective coordination of all staff can not, then it will inevitably cause problems can not be effectively resolved in a timely manner, leading website user experience more adverse to failure. Therefore, in the operation process of the website, regardless of Web technical staff, product experience, customer service staff still need each other cooperation, effective communication and coordination, to discover and solve problems. The operation team of the website needs to pay more attention to the sense of teamwork. Each member should cooperate with each other, help each other, unite and help each other, and cooperate well with each operation.

third, the operation needs to pay more attention to the analysis from the data. The process of website operation, quantifiable data can be said to be a barometer of website operation results, data tracking on the site, especially in the middle and late stage, the data can be seen from the subtle influence to the user’s website, through the analysis of the data, we can see clearly that all kinds of people the focus is different, you can see the changes in the registration, website of active users, especially the electronic commerce website, you can directly see the changes in the amount of orders shopping system growth and sales system. These data are from the volatility, largely reflects the current situation of the website and the possible future development trend, the analysis of this data, we can adjust the operating strategy, avoid subjective inference and take the wrong measures.

fourth, the need to strengthen the internal and external operators and external