General integral practical scheme

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SmartClub Henry in the win to enter the top 12 in Chinese after the 2008 National General Federation as a rise in the Internet, A new force suddenly rises., however, how many know the general integral difficulty, operating system where the advantages of general integral, the bottleneck in where? I according to their own experience to discuss general integral.

indeed, the general integral project is a good project, so that consumers can enjoy real benefits, also enable businesses to improve the sales, but where is the real focus of the project, some colleagues are still blindly selling membership cards, as some of the city’s per card price of tens of dollars a piece of this. Many consumers in the model, do not enjoy the real benefits before using money to buy that piece of card, credit card is such a good thing, want to charge an annual fee, consumers are not very willing to, but how can make consumers accept it, how can the development of membership continuously and enhance the membership development speed. The company has taken the following methods.

is actually very simple, is the operator does not need card, the card issuing work to alliance business on the line, then according to the different business card issued to businesses of different extraction percentage, and then put the card to reduce the cost and income mainly from the merchant’s sales commission, which according to the actual effect of payment, business nature will accept.

The company is taking the method of

, according to the different business card, according to 1:3:1 proportion of the Commission, such as A business development of membership in the A consumer businesses, Union institutions will extract 1% of the Commission, A merchants issued membership cards in B consumer businesses, businesses will extract B business alliance 3% Commission, at the same time to return 1% commission to the A business, if the B business card issued in consumer A business, the same alliance in the A business there extracted 3% of the Commission, the Commission also returns 1% to B business, although some do not understand, but here is the key, hope can peer scrutiny. This has encouraged businesses continue the development of members, and in different industries to other Union businesses do promotion, because such membership card only role, consumers will be willing to accept this card, and businesses also want to constantly in their own and other members of the business card, because he sent out the card at you here, only need to pay 1% of the operating costs, and to other businesses at the consumer can also return 1%, and other businesses if a card is much, you will pay 3% of the operating costs, thus developed membership development speed will soon.

when membership development speed enough to sign up, businesses want to is not difficult, but how to promote the automatic membership card consumption, in addition to advertising, membership membership Handbook etc., we also take some incentive way for members, our membership card for the opportunity to draw, and in order to encourage businesses to voluntarily card, we give the cashier also draw incentive.

hardware solution: businesses do not have computers, how to do?