Community operation experience sharing and Kang Sheng Discuz X1.5 new product experience

forum has been one of the focus of personal Adsense, how to operate is also a key issue, good business model will have good prospects for development. Discuz! Has been one of the important platform system, community forum Discuz! System perfect for personal webmaster save a lot of time and energy, to build community becomes simple and easy to operate, to help the site to achieve a one-stop service.

September 2nd Admin5 every Thursday on baby products for people invited Kang Sheng Du were share forum operations experience and discuzX1.5 new experience, this is part of the focus of finishing version, welcome to discuss.

questions about DZ products:

asks: is X1.5 about to release this week,


answer: Hello, 9.1 released the RC version, and if the test goes well, the official version will be released in the middle.

: Recently, the forum is ready to go online, using the 7.2 edition. If I just want to use the forums, is X1.5 a bit wasted,


answer: Hello, X1.5 in the forum has done a lot of operational function adjustments, such as increased business certification, content management system, management authority segmentation, etc., can reduce the cost of the operation of the webmaster function. However, the station program is not the most important, and any product is for operational services. X1.5 in the background is to close the door, groups and other functions, fully switch type, block type products, you can mix the appropriate tool for your operation.

: a lot of people think that dzx1.5’s copying of phpwind8 might be similar in style. I want to know how you solve this problem. Besides, what advantages does Discuz X1.5 have over phpwind8?

answer: Hello, when the user needs more consistent, there will be such a similar situation, we should respect the needs of users. In the X series, we adopted a new R & D system, from the product requirements, prototype design, product development to acceptance release, the entire process of participation. X series of new underlying architecture, the new unified integration, a wide range of community peripheral products. I quote a quote from our product director, Li Guode, to describe X1.5. More advantages, you can only wait until you personally use X1.5 to experience, oh, ~

asks: PHP environment is more complex, I think this is to let a lot of stationmaster at place. How do guests look at this problem,


answer: Hello, PHP environment configuration although complex, but we have been directed for the mainstream server environment configuration produced a lot of tutorials, these tutorials illustrated, easy to understand. So, webmaster, don’t worry. Http://, you can find the answers to various problems encountered in building the Discuz system, including the environment configuration.

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