Let me talk about free space

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free space is not done well in the Chinese! The main reason of low quality low level part of the webmaster China! And greedy is relatively heavy, free space and advertisement would not, traffic restrictions do not want to, do not support dynamic script to upload or download files, play the file is closed to, not to play the file upload and I don’t want to download the file, that would not open mouth! You father and mother have come here! You don’t say part of low quality will not! I want to tutor some normal will not open mouth full of dirty


part of the webmaster level is low, many people don’t even know what IIS is, ASP is what to use, PHP is what things, the website is what to do, templates and website procedures are not clear!

!The profit mode of

free space! Relatively large initial investment funds will only halfway collapse! Free space need to have economic origin! The economic source to come from there, must not let the ads and not meant to be free from advertising space closed up


do free space, if to provide technical exhausted, 10 people are busy,


I did the free space finally I chose to shut down! Choose to do cheap preferential host ten dollars. Who can buy a server to use! Solve problems! Two solved those sure even a bit is not the basis of the owners do not buy products so I bought him! Does not provide web guide users encounter this kind of simple answer www.baidu.com

and Zhou Mingfeng do anything too fake you with nine wins advertising alliance with free space station! I had nine wins advertising alliance advertising I feel extremely egregious serious customer service advertising deduction amount done webmaster should have experience! You said that cooperation with government security agencies who see the government security agencies to cooperate with you and do what if cooperation Penny estimated that the government is not how


and your space to a copy of your identity card is a person or company! The user ID copy to your uploaded users do not worry about? Who knows you will not use a copy of ID card to do what about illegal operation! Do not accept no record website I will not say the majority of users the website has no record (not understand)

has made up a recording site I open the website inside the box there are people talking scared me! Listen carefully for a long time to know that you are saying how good how good! Now do not take the court when you have evidence of recording the entire recording propaganda yourself! I listened to


and love donation, I read good >