I do not buy reason group buying website profit and risk

in March this year, the first domestic group buying website – handle nets formally operated. Subsequently, buy class website develops with breathtaking speed, all sorts of group buys a website to develop with the speed like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. According to reliable data statistics, as of September this year, just six months time, there have been thousands of domestic all types of buy site, get a slice.

in April this year, in the group buying website development so hot background, I once wanted to do investment, do a group buy kind of website, think over and over again, and eventually did not set foot in this field. Well, let me talk about the profit model of group buying website and the reason why I don’t do it.

The profit model of

group buying website is very simple. At present, most of the group buying websites in China are similar to the Groupon websites in the United States, and the clear profit model is one of the major features of group buying websites. It moves the group buying in our daily life to the internet. In everyday life, we often have some knowledge or is a product of people who do not know to buy the same and together go to the merchant to buy bargain, in order to obtain the product of low price, in order to save costs. However, in daily life, group buying lacks flexibility and flexibility, and there are not many opportunities for group buying. And this buys the group to move to the Internet, by the website operator comes directly and the merchant carries on the negotiations, reduces the price, small profits but quick turnover. Merchants sell more puerile, because profit; group purchase web site from which a certain percentage of extraction, profit; consumers with more than usual low price products to love, Why not?? so this is a win-win situation. Such a profit model is simple and easy to copy site, why don’t I do it? Below I will talk about why I don’t do this piece.

first of all, the industry itself lacks innovation. At present, most of the group buying websites copy the model of American group buying website Groupon, which is lack of innovation. We can get a few group buying websites through search engine, open their interface, we are not difficult to discover, the interface style of almost all group buying website is amazing identical. Site layout, style almost identical. Even the big arrow pointing to the product is the same. I have to lament the plagiarism ability of domestic group buying industry. How much innovation capacity this industry has, how much fresh energy remains to be seen.

secondly, the competition in this industry is too fierce. From March this year, the first group buying website, handle net formally on-line operation, so far, just 6 months time, buy a website from one to thousands. Most of them are small group buying websites. Construction group buying website threshold is very low, is also a large number of entrepreneurs into the group buying industry, resulting in this competition is very fierce reason. According to reliable statistics, in just half a year, there are more than 200 buy site has been closed. Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, this is the natural law that any industry can not escape.

again, business integrity tests the development of group buying. A buy site, no commodity!