After K, do I persist or give up and see my success or failure

many people’s articles, leather blowing better, the truth is better. In fact, there is no use, so it is certain that my article, the following difference is bound to be many. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not prepared to please some people’s vanity,


search engine this dangzi thing! With my own website that! My website is purely a game promotion website, because before considering the components of SEO, so also insisted in the A5 made some of this SEO article. Unfortunately, my website was K more than a month ago. The situation is the home page is not in the first, key words: Game pioneer, platinum account, new card, the whole disappeared in the vast network. I was the first to reflect is that I can’t hang on a tree, so quickly opened a new corn, and then submitted to the website, the new corn followed the old corn overall website content, did not make any changes. Given the presence of some of the old corn, I decided to turn the whole corn into the new corn. After dealing with these things. Telecom to me at my patience, decided to pull the cable, because I have already defaulted on its nearly 3 months of Internet, hey.

next, because I’m not on the Internet, so I’m not managing the site. I’ve been doing it again these days. Actually found GoogLE keyword ranking first, almost included all the content of my web site. More than I’ve calculated. Although it slipped to fifth in the next few days, I still feel relieved. And Baidu in the next few days, also fully restored my site ranking. It’s even better than before K. This makes me very depressed.

think about focusing on Seo before, and it doesn’t mean useless. At least my site structure is pretty good, don’t believe everyone to check my website BAD LIKE. And I have been strict control of key words, even quality. But why was it K by the end of the month? Maybe the adjustment was probably in other ways. And why have I been restored to my website after more than one month, and better than before? Why? I want to stick to two words. Think of more than a month without updating, the content has not been afraid of any change. Well, today wrote with nonsense. Without any idea, make a few long sentences.

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