How to optimize website to build high-quality website step by step


builds a website, in order to better run, we all need to optimize it, so the optimization website is what we must learn, but how to optimize the website? What are the optimization steps? Let’s take a look at it.

, first step, analysis keyword


keyword analysis is the first step of the website optimization, and keyword analysis includes: Keywords concern analysis, keyword and website correlation analysis, competitor analysis, keyword ranking prediction, keywords layout etc..

second step, analysis of website architecture

in second steps before the operation, to see if the site structure is consistent with the search engine rules, do this detail, in order to better optimize the site. The analysis of website architecture consists of three parts, which are the elimination of the website, the bad design of the architecture, the navigation and link optimization of the website and the structure of the tree catalogue.

The third step, the content of


from the connection arrangement

search engines usually regularly update content, and this time we have to pay attention to a skill, that is, reasonable arrangements for the contents of the website space, and then release the agenda, we must pay attention to this important skill. Link arrangement advantage is that the entire site of the importance of the organic series, and each page keywords in the search engine can get evident, but also Links play a role at this time.

fourth step, and search engine dialogue

through their own domain name to understand the site’s collection and update, so that can ensure the normal dialogue with the engine.

fifth steps, optimize the web page and directory

annotation makes the website have good ranking in search engine, that is not called optimization, the most important thing is that every page of the website can use the traffic.

sixth step, website traffic analysis

from the optimization results to guide the next step of the SEO strategy, we must first of all site traffic analysis, site traffic analysis, but also to enable customers to have a better experience.

in fact, the site optimization does not necessarily have any difficulties, mainly we should pay attention to the method, only to understand its optimization steps can be carried out smoothly. So, do not know how to optimize the site’s friends, we must strictly follow the above steps to do, so that the effect of our website optimization will slowly reflect.