Discussion on Network Recruitment

Since the

since the creation of the world, human beings from the most primitive Zuanmuquhuo so developed today, people in constant progress.

today’s society is to dominate the economy, and the knowledge is becoming the master of modern economy, since the mid twentieth Century, with the computer revolution, the Internet revolution and the information revolution is the mainstream of the information revolution, the era of industrial economy into a new era – the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the driving force of economic growth. In the past few centuries, the scarce resources of enterprises have been financial capital — money. Now no longer, many companies find it increasingly difficult to find enough human capital – talent, knowledge and creativity – these are new scarce resources. In today’s enterprise through what kind of channels can we get valuable talents? The answer is – Network Recruitment!


from the business point of view, understanding and application of the network, can accurately reflect the true value of the enterprise, help enterprise assets in the business and merger, reorganization and restructuring process to achieve increment. Especially in the era of knowledge economy, the network has become an increasingly large proportion in the enterprise assets, we need more is to establish and perfect modern enterprise system of socialist country Chinese, enterprises facing the market economic environment are both similar to Western capitalist countries, there are totally different with Western place. The application of the network is not only the requirement of optimizing the resource allocation of the market economy, but also the necessary means to adjust the operation of the enterprise rationally and effectively. Therefore, the application of the network can provide a more operable decision-making support tool for the daily management and long-term development of the enterprises in china. Similarly, in the recruitment point of view, the enterprise is inseparable from the network. Network survey found: 70% job seekers for cold site recruitment, the network job is as a main channel. More than 7 candidates that will no longer be the preferred job recruitment channels, on-site recruitment this past main channel of talent flow is declining. The day before, the eight party network professionals conducted a survey of job fairs, the conclusion shows that the most job seekers will be disappointed and distrust of recruitment. The findings showed that 65% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the effect of on-site recruitment, and 33% of respondents felt that only 2% of the respondents thought they were satisfied. The reality of job fairs is far more than job hunting, so few lucky people are able to get business interviews. In addition to the ratio of supply and demand, some features of the job fairs also make job seekers increasingly indifferent to the job fairs. For example, 71% of the interviewees think the job fairs are too heavy nowadays. Organizers often pay attention to the commercial interests of the recruitment meeting, but ignore the interests of job seekers and recruitment enterprises, so that job seekers are not satisfied with the purpose of the recruitment meeting and the composition of the enterprises.

but how can the vast network more time-saving, accurate to get talent? – in fact, this problem is not difficult to solve, careful friends is not difficult to find that with the increasing network recruitment.