Cai Wensheng three directions for the future of China has attracted the world’s leading VC and capit

Abstract: from the rise of the three Internet Co, China has attracted the world’s top VC and capital.

2016ASIA BEAT Asian entrepreneurship competition officially opened today, the two day business event held in Xiamen. There are dozens of heavyweight Cai Wensheng, Li Zhu, and so on, more than and 30 investment institutions, as well as from the world’s 15 countries and regions of the 80 entrepreneurial team, bringing a total of 30 keynote speeches and 92 road show. Hunting cloud network as media support throughout the follow-up of the event.

The following is the

Cai Wensheng live speech (appropriately cut by hunting cloud network).

China market can be successful, huge user size and active capital environment is the key

China’s economic development over the past few decades, are relying on the labor force to export our manufacturing. But now there is a need to create a way out of the country. Now the so-called business more refers to Internet related business, but in the field of Internet business, basically only Chinese and American companies will have a big development, the key reason is that the size of the user. In fact, there are only 2.5 markets in the world, one in the United States, one in China, and the other in India. You grab the two markets of the United States and China, and you can go to other countries. Why India is only half the population of India, although similar to China, but nearly half of India’s people may not be able to use the Internet in the next few years, the service can not use smart phones.

not only in Hongkong, Taiwan’s Internet business successful, even in countries such as Japan and Germany, with a population of 100 million people, also has the world’s top high-tech, also do not very large Internet Co. Key point or user scale. So we must understand why drops, the United States has burned so much money, but VC will invest in them, because their users reach a certain size. Not everyone can do such a large group, drops, but in the vertical field if the top three can be successful, the Internet is a winner of the field.

China is now in a huge wave of investment. The United States is only about three hundred million of the population, but the United States is still the largest venture market, because they are basically high consumption, high-quality market. The development of China in the past ten years, the rapid growth of the eastern coast, but there are four lines and five lines of the city needs to expand. For example, Twitter is now in decline, but in 2015 micro-blog users also doubled, which is the biggest difference between China and the United States, because China’s four or five line of urban residents began to use micro-blog.

from the rise of the top three Internet Co, China has basically attracted the world’s top all VC and capital. Recent local capital has also begun to rise, but the magnitude is very large, almost all of China’s stocks are in the return of A shares. The original capital in traditional industries because it can not find a way out of Internet capital. >