Opinions on the original, post, plagiarism and embezzlement of articles

every day on the Internet so much time, found to original article, seems to be not ordinary people can do, if it is to regularly write original article, can insist on less. This includes myself, although writing may not be what is difficult for me, but if you want to write the article and having substance in speech ", adhere to the regular creation of maple leaf network was a challenge. Take this blog for example, the theme of making money online, let me write to now, I really do not think there is any good theme to write, personal knowledge is limited, ah,


I thought some methods to increase the content of the website, but also could not be determined to do so, that is followed to write some articles or technical discussion teaching, and these materials on the Internet is more, it is not bad I write more. However, if the increase in the number of articles might be helpful for keyword searches, the quality and quantity of a website or blog article should seem to have to be pursued at once.

writing, posted, plagiarism and theft, is the output of the way, basically can write their own articles, of course, is the best, but it is very difficult to do if the original output constant. Then the article quote others is a way, if you see someone to write a good article on the Internet, the author also agreed to reprint, might as well take it posted to their website or blog, on the one hand, enrich their own website, on the one hand on if we have to refer to this article, also not afraid the original author in the original website has deleted this article. Plagiarism, with the mainland netizens said "" pseudo original may be a bit similar, almost too fast to "steal" almost, are the other articles for the content after copying others also said it was their own original, it is a shame as.

network, maple leaf to write in the online article is not how, but in the financial and insurance aspects of the article is often plagiarism theft, some people will feel very angry, some people will add some grammar on the page to prevent the function of reproduction, but these are not used, just because someone angry the mistake to punish yourself, not worth it, but with the right grammar or other anti-theft lock the way, in fact not anti people, the maple leaf network is think so, some theft of my articles, I found the truth well written, has stolen value, if someone went to steal do something for him, to earn money, this can be considered a merit, very good, but if the stolen articles, also did not increase the flow does not make money, but do not look for me.

what about you? How do you view people stealing your articles?

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