Websites need to operate and share small cases of county portals

has been working as a forum for three years, and finally made up his mind to quit his job and concentrate on his business this year. Through the promotion of a month, especially want to say is: the website needs operation, looking for, will do, don’t wait.


Linqu portal is a county of Shandong Weifang area of the site, do the Linqu forum has been nearly three years of time, there is also a part of loyal users, but in three years time we did not open a advertising, GG advertising is not put, in order to give the user a good experience. At first, I also wanted to start from part-time, because at that time I worked in the field, some of the offline activities can only go back to the holidays to organize a gathering of two times. Originally wanted more than one year, more users, one year can not be two years, two years, three years. In third years, and so on, and then wait, relying on online publicity, limitations, and user stickiness is not high, and then there will not be in the local manufacturing influence, even if the next three years, the situation is still the same.

in this context, this year decided to quit the job to raise funds back to the Linqu office rent, buy program, or the previous server for a new domain name, to Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration license related procedures, all the preparations are completed. To let some old members and moderators, after a period of time after the test launch site, because before the forum is a part of the old users so our website in the open IP fourth days after 500, as a county website to have such a result is acceptable.

in these more than 20 days, there are two things have to mention, and now are doing group buying, inspired by the A5 forum, we also through the forum users do two activities. Once just around our flower expo to open, we bought the original price of 30 yuan ticket to the site to do half price buy, but also through the T floor to send a part of the tour ticket, increase the participation of members of the emotions. Through this activity, so that some like to play net friend tasted the sweetness, but also increased the amount of the topic, but also played a number of effects. The second time, a little coincidence, a driving school manager here through a forum post, causing two people to sign up for their driving school. After discussion we decided to talk about driving the team can do a their driving round, did not think they are responsible for people are very willing to cooperate, through consultation on some details after a common group reported activity. The driving school group newspaper, we have online and offline advertising investment, I believe that in a certain period of time will cause everyone’s hot. The first two people have signed up, through the organization of the activities can make a lot of people want to learn a driver’s license to enjoy preferential, some applications of this network application so that the county weak people to understand the network, to further increase the Linqu portal attention.

In fact, we have analyzed the

ready to do a good market do not hesitate to buy expensive, some people think that many procedures, update the article, more original will have good rankings, views of these if you can not give a good user experience will retain users. A website really is how you run it, and you can live well when you run it