My opinion on Web

I was learning the Chinese language and literature, previously did not come into contact with the network to promote the word, think network promotion is a technology and skills are strong, so every time I listen to friends talking about this will create a feeling of worship to it. With a strong desire to understand and master the technology, I found this job: network editing and consulting. After eleven days of learning, I realized that a successful website, the most important thing is to be recognized by the vast numbers of consumers, so that they can buy things from the site, so as to make as much profit.

‘s successful websites include:

1, successful website production.

web page to give people a full sense of atmosphere, no matter how much the product inside, but this doesn’t mean you have to fill the entire page is filled in full, is just perfect full, let the people seem to have a "well, this site is good, should be quite trustworthy" feeling, rather than ". Here, nothing, who would dare to buy his things".

because not every consumer have experienced online shopping, so for the convenience of those who are not familiar with the online shopping process to set up a "novice" plate to guide how they change in the shopping website, and some about customer service service policies, to dispel their concerns.

on product introduction to detail, so that customers understand the product in full, but also make them feel that we are very trustworthy, regular shopping sites, you can rest assured that the purchase of our products.

2, successful website promotion.

website promotion blog, BBS, paste it, know… These measures are essential. Classified advertising is also a good way of promotion, after a few days of practice found that every law will be classified ads one or two occupy Baidu search results on the second day of the first few pages, sometimes even ranked in the top position.

website promotion early, the most important thing is to increase the site traffic, no flow of the site even if done well no use, in the final analysis, he is also a failure of the site.

on the increase in site traffic, of course, should make full use of several means of network promotion, and to insist that every update, the more the better, write the keyword, so as to increase the probability of consumer search to the site. (there’s a lot to be said about these promotional tools. I’ll introduce them later.)

3, successful online sales.

website production and network promotion success does not represent the success of network sales, successful website sales should have high quality service, high quality products and high quality after-sales policy. Establish the image and reputation of the website, and strive for the quality of service websites trusted by the masses of consumers.

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