What professional skills does the product manager need to take to go further

in the product work, many product managers often do not know some things can not be achieved, how to achieve, the heart is very not bottom. At the same time, the technology in the process of communication with colleagues, often do not know what kind of choice to communicate, or do not understand the technology for a direct product for managers, is extremely unfavorable, including the occupation development stage, will have a certain impact. So we can discuss the basic knowledge and skills that product managers should have from product managers’ familiarity with technology and product capabilities.

technology is classified into two categories, one is development technology, and the other is front-end and back-end technology. One is the product technology, including the technology that the product manager must master. Now let’s start with the front end technology:

1. front-end development technology: I personally think, HTML, CSS and Ajax and other front-end technology should be very understanding, it is best to write some front-end pages. New technologies such as H5 and jQuery should also be understood. This has important help for its own planning page, and for competitors to observe, but also to know how they know, therefore, for improving the quality of products has an important role.

2. back-end technology: PHP can not, but programming logic to know. You can try to learn Python this introduction is very easy language, many try programming logic thinking, products and technology to communicate more easily, for this product iteration and improve the efficiency, has a great help. To Python, for the following to the ability of data analysis is a significant improvement, in terms of data analysis, sometimes you may need a variety of form Excel, various formulas listed, even when the amount of data is too large, for the analysis of data will create obstacles, and through the Python, only need a simple do some basic command line, they can easily obtain relevant data, to improve the efficiency of free speech.

3. architecture and database. I think a good product managers often have the opportunity to participate in a product database, a glance understanding of the data dictionary, database logic and relational schema.

product capabilities:

1. user analysis and research, user requirements acquisition, which should be a big problem, requires a lot of skills and tools to achieve.

The implementation of

2. requirements and product design is also an important ability and technology. At this point, Axure and other prototype design tools will give you good help.


3. user experience requires a lot of time and constant research.

4. product operations and data analysis capabilities

or more are outline class, each part can study and study in depth. If you want to do something good, you must benefit from it. Technology is a good knife. The product manager can have eighteen Wu Yi, you can understand design or…