Website design analysis establish a good visual hierarchy


with the explosive growth of Internet information, when users browse a single page, it is not like we read, such as reading articles from left to right, from top to bottom, one by one view, why


1. Why is visual hierarchy important,



on the left is the way the designer expects the user to browse, and the right way for the user to actually browse – from Don t make me think.

users to a website has his own specific goals, such as reading news, shopping, view the latest news, however, too much information, one by one to see takes a lot of time, which requires the website can seize the mainstream user characteristics, will focus on pushing for him. And users to find their own goals or points of interest only may continue to browse or produce the next action, otherwise it will leave.

user time is limited, coupled with the enormous amount of Internet information, these two reasons is the test of visual designers to establish a good visual hierarchy, presented to the user, to help users quickly find the target skills.

two, the role of establishing a good visual hierarchy,

1, improve recognition efficiency

2, stimulate audience interest,

, for a few examples:


is the name of the left map shows the municipal, when users search to street level, to show the neighborhood store to the user, only display the necessary information in a particular situation, for users to find their target


we read the news first concern the day’s headlines, followed by the editor, the Time is good for the front page headlines and logo first to catch us, the main processing is very clear


Schindler’s list of films in a certain lens, through the strong contrast of color to open the visual level, to the audience left a deep impression, at the same time become classic

three, how to set up visual hierarchy

I’ve arranged three directions for your reference:

1, decide not to show what

The premise is simple

page shows the contents are the mainstream users in most cases required, which enables designers to focus on solving the important problems of limited, but not a lot of information without screening began to prioritize



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