To face reality and stand on self is the only way out for grass roots Taobao customers

in recent years, the development of the network can be said to be a thousand li a day with Taobao, Ali mother, continue to grow and improve, however, Taobao is the guest do Taobao raging like a storm, guest is not easy, how many webmaster hit head broken and bleeding out. There are many reasons for this. There are technical, economic and other external factors, but I think the most important thing is the webmaster’s own factors. Below I combined with the promotion of new ideas so that the actual experience about Taobao customer rebate network grassroots liberty how to seek Tao website development.

can be said that Taobao guest is the purpose of holding gold come in, come in before, may simply do not understand Taobao, or is poorly understood, it is seen, or heard others do Taobao off the money earned, they also want to share. When I came in, I found the secret inside. There was a famous saying, "the more you know, the more you won’t have.". The operation of the website requires all aspects of competence. Like I do let liberty rebate network at the beginning of the domain name, host, record, template, SEO optimization, soft Wen promotion, it makes me scorched by the flames. Because we are not likely to have each kind of ability, ten thousand steps back, even with a variety of skills, we do not have enough time to implement, but I do not like some webmaster, see people doing so well, with strength, with technology, in the human and the people didn’t have a ratio, have lost confidence, lost the fight, beaten to death by the people. No more like some opportunistic acts, a look at what the conditions are better than others, then head to seek shortcut thinking up, so quickly found the so-called magic post robot, black chain, black hat and so on, can in a short time really can make magic effect, can be to poison, sooner or later perish. I through my own thinking, steadfast, step by step came, and finally see the dawn. That’s what I want to say today. To face reality, to be self.

I found myself weak, as well as most of the webmaster, fear, hesitation, wandering, ultimately self defeating rivals, not being scared, not looking for crooked ways shortcut, but face the reality seriously analyze the strength of competitors, the advantage, based on their own situation, to see what they can learn, learn seriously, and strive to achieve the ultimate, which they cannot transcend, will not go to a dead end, a waste of time, look at what they have stronger than the other advantages can play, go to a good grasp. Through careful analysis, firmly implement, impatient, steady, hard, and finally get to liberty rebate network today’s brilliant.

today, I can not give my friends talk about winning recipe, there is no profit to teach you a trick, but I feel that belief is more important, as long as I have friends about ideological beliefs, and carefully executed, will have unexpected harvest. This article from the profits to the treasure rebate network: http>