Thousands of night travel eulogy lost in the distribution of equity but not a fatal error!

I dark horse: thousands of night travel has died, but was the co-founder and corpse, forced out to clarify. Feng Yu said, review the three years of entrepreneurial experience, the company did not appear fatal problems, do not want to be misunderstood. He also warned other entrepreneurs in the field of tourism, do not act recklessly and blindly, the middle of pit a lot, only the vertical field have the opportunity.

had thousands of night tourism I already drew to an end, because I think I give the horse before I has made it very clear that I did not expect it to be able to take out the corpse people two days ago, don’t say something feeling sorry for the three years together. The brothers, so I had to tidy up, write a eulogy, in order to put down forever. At the same time, also want to give online travel entrepreneurs insist on pouring cold water, help to prepare to plunge into this muddy water hot blooded young people to make some rational judgment.

thousands of night tourism is indeed a few of us have never done the tourism people accidentally came in, we were also told now many entrepreneurs and investors see, tourism market trillions of dishes, outbound tourism is growing rapidly, last year should be hundreds of millions of times now, what online travel penetration is still very low (to now I do not know how this data is calculated, which can you explain to me?), but it was found in a big pit, tourism lodging, travel and entertainment about six elements, each element can be placed locally is a big industry, and tourism is a free user experience service, needs vary widely, to provide products to meet the needs of users is too difficult.

can travel thousands of night over the past 3 years, we are very hard to try a lot of direction, every attempt possible further, so I do share last year to the second, with a lot of the time travel senior people in 10 to 20 years, we still feel some harvest. This is mainly because we have a very strong product and technical team, CEO Nuno is the original Microsoft Academy of engineering design team members in mobile Ophone product design leader, CTO Li Zhi is the technical director of 360 Qihoo’s main search engineer, Martha Marceau, so that we can verify the products and business models to quickly the.

first 1000 night tourism do intelligent planning and reverse customization (C2B) is only about half the time, I still think this is not for the structured data of course a lot of people are still talking about travel, you want to see the ant cellular data structured it spent a lot of efforts, and how it can effect? At that time we spent 3 months time, three or four professional engineers to write search crawler, then more than 30 college students to do manual processing, do 17000 to more than 30 data, each data item, and probably the whole of Thailand combing the more than 8000 data, no comb, why? Because it is difficult to obtain information. You can’t just like Baidu travel with The Grand Palace, the Chao Phraya River Cruises, these users are aware of the condom restaurant information; because 80 9>