Your station from K to reincluding the wise remark of an experienced person

I do station, may be said three days fishing 22 nets, the site was K three times, three times to help me from the new included. I’ve been here and now, sharing some of my own experiences with K’s new owners. May write a little bad, we do not curse ah.

I’ve summarized the following points:

1: if your domain name has done the station. In the past, baidu received a lot and was quite normal. For some reason. Be K, don’t be afraid this time. Don’t worry about submitting your address to Baidu again. I’ve verified that. You wait for him to re included, during the period to your station to the appropriate optimization. Especially some keywords, badiu avoid screen words, spiders will be very low chance.

2: during this period, update the station class content slightly, quickly, and do not copy and collect. Baidu spiders hate this one. If you have to copy it, change it appropriately. This is what I’ve already done. Every day I update 2 articles, baidu still included.

3: be sure to make 404 pages of your station. In the meantime, when you are standing up, Baidu’s spider will climb to your station as a save. 404 set to 3 seconds jump, or 2 seconds jump, spiders will have a high chance of survival.

4: be K station, try not to put advertising on your site. Advertisements sometimes hang up when spiders crawl.

5: the rectification must be on your station for a long range. Don’t show some garbled or code like things on the page. Especially the front page.

6: do not and some have not been included in the site link. Especially by K, not included again. I’m going to do the link between the 1 stations now.

7: release some of your own content outside. And then Baidu anti connect. In this way, the spider will greatly improve your chances of going to your station.

finished writing, just send out what you write. I hope I can help A5’s brother friend.